If you wish to take part in the conference as a listener, please register in advance […]
#CurrentConstellations The 25th of November, day 3 of our conference, will begin with a panel on […]
#CurrentConstellations The 24th of November, day 2 of our conference on Critical Theory, will start off […]
Barbara Umrath is researcher at the TH Cologne and did extensive work on Gender, Family, and […]
In the coming days we will present the preliminary program for the conference Current Constellations – […]
We are excited to announce that our conference is being supported by the Stiftung zur Förderung […]
We are thrilled to announce that our conference is now affiliated with the Instituto de Educação, […]
We are happy to announce that Dr. Barbara Umrath (TH Köln) will join us to hold […]
We prolongued the deadline for submitting proposals to 31st of July 2022.